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William Morroni
13312 Dronfield Ave.
Sylmar, California 91342


  • Over 30 years experience as a writer, director, editor, assistant cameraman and production manager.
  • Hardworking, dependable, punctual and efficient.  Experienced at pre-production, production and post-production of film and digital video.
  • Expert at low and no budget quality production.
  • Familar with all film and video equipment from 70mm movie cameras to HDV Camcorders, from Chapman Dollies to car mounts. 
  • Own all equipment and software needed for producing high definition video content, including production, post production, digitizing to the Internet and authoring Blu-Ray DVD's.

OBJECTIVE:    A writer/director/production manager position producing motion pictures and video content for the Internet, Satelite and DVD distribution



Write / Produce / Direct / Edit / ADR / Foley / Mix audio / Colortime

I make ultra low budget features.  In the last couple of years I have completed The Safehouse  and Roll Call and I am currently in pre-production on The Condo and The Rusty Years.  You can see the awards that The Safehouse has won on the festival circuit at www.thesafehousemovie.  Roll Call has just finished post production and you can read the script and look over the cast and crew at the production website at  You can read the scripts and keep up with the pre-production events for The Condo and The Rusty Years at and



Freelance Producer / Script Writer /  Director / Editor/ Camera Assisstant / Video Technician

Worked on hundreds of low budget feature length films and videos.   I wrote dozens of scripts, and directed dozens of films and videos


          1987  TED V. MIKALS PRODUCTIONS, La Canada, CA

Production Manager

Budgeted, hired crew, broke down the script, scheduled shooting, handled the money and got signed releases on "Operation Overkill" a low budget ($100,000.00)  karate movie.    I took a cast and crew of thirty to Reno for a month of production on a 35mm, feature directed by Ted V. Mikals.  I acquired all the locations and props required by the script at no cost, including a night of shooting at a steel factory and the use of an airplane.               


          1989 LCG PRODUCTIONS, San Fernando Valley, CA

Writer / Producer / Director / Editor    

Made a feature length 16mm horror movie entitled “Little Corey Gorey” for $16,000.00 including post-production through a color timed release print.  Constructed and web master , a Video On Demand website.

          1974-1987 VARIOUS FILM LABS, Hollywood, CA


Supervised employees and quality control, color timed, scheduled work flow, interfaced with clients.

          1966-1970 U.S. AIR FORCE, Izmir, Turkey

Sergeant in Inventory Management


          1970-1974 New York University, New York, NY

Film & Television Production Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Made a student film, “It's Your Lucky Day,” which won eight international awards, was sold, and seen on HBO.